Social Media is great for all sorts of reasons, today’s being that I stumbled across the Pocket Drone. This nifty device is branded as the “world’s first folding smart ‘auto-follow’ drone for your pocket” which in itself is a staggering statement. Imagine pulling a camera out of your pocket, throwing it into the air and having it follow you around, capturing everything you do. Well, that’s exactly what the pocket-drone does. The beauty of this auto-follow technology means that you can be directly involved in all the memories you want to capture. You won’t be the one left-out holding a camera (or in this case flying a drone) but right in the centre of the content that you want to create.

Drone technology has developed in a short period of time from being something only used in a high level professional market to something that you might be able to pick up in your local gadget shop for a fraction of the price (although admittedly, it might be a more novelty variety). We don’t quite know where the Pocket-Drone sits on this scale yet, but we’re hoping it will sit somewhere in the middle, making it accessible to the average consumer and not compromising quality. Either way the idea that this technology could be sitting in everyone pockets soon enough is very exciting.

If you want to find out more about the Pocket Drone then follow them at @the_pocketdrone and keep updated with all of their developments.