The best things come in small packages, so they say and that’s certainly true of the new LG 360 camera. Boasting a huge amount of technology within its tiny frame this has the potential to seriously revolutionise the way in which we record virtual reality videos and photos.

The LG 360 combines a couple of 13MP camera lenses with each one being able to capture 200 degree wide angle photos and videos before bringing them together as one. It’s an incredibly sophisticated piece of technology but when it comes to the user experience it’s pretty straightforward and simple.

The first thing that strikes you about the LG 360 Cam is just how small and light it is considering all the things it can do. Its shape might remind you of a FlipCam from the dim and distant past, but it’s even smaller and is no bigger than an average voice recorder.

It has a stylish and robust look of polished metal, but appearances can be deceptive. In truth this is plastic through and through, but such is the design that it looks much more durable than it is. The grey power button is small, but it plays an important role as it also allows you to toggle between 360 and 180 degree photos. The record button is much bigger and can be found on the front of the camera making it nice and easy to access for quick capturing. 

But one of the most eye catching features is the two fish-eye lenses. They are placed flush into the body of the camera, but can still take 200 degree wide photos and videos. It’s a much more elegant design than some of the more bug-eyed options such as the Samsung Gear 360.

dual wide angle

It’s also pretty durable and has its own plastic cap which protects the fragile glass lenses. This means you can just pop it into a bag or pocket without worrying too much about keeping it intact. This sets it above others which don’t come with the same degree of protection. Even with this, though, it still feels extremely small and light, weighing less than 100g.

At the bottom you’ll find a standard ¼ inch tripod thread so you can mount it on most common tripods. There’s also a tiny trapdoor for a microSD card and USB C charging.

Lg 360 Camera

So that gets the casing out of the way but what about beneath the surface? Here’s where it really comes into its own.

A key feature is the two 200 degree 13MP cameras together with a 1,200mAh battery. This might be smaller than others but because this is not a phone with the power draining capacity of a screen it should last every bit as long as a mobile phone. LG says it will offer an impressive 70 minutes of continuous video recording.

Storage is another winning feature with 4GB of internal memory as well as the ability to accept microSD cards.

On the downside there is no microphone or headphone jack which means you won’t be able to narrate 2k video using this VR camera. However, its three embedded microphones can pick up surrounding audio.

There is much to like about this phone. It is a high powered virtual reality capturing tool which can fit snugly into your pocket. While it might not have as good a VR ecosystem as the Samsung and the Gear VR, its portability and affordability means this could prove to be a potential game changer for the VR market. 

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