360° videos are set to revolutionise the way we watch all of our content in the future, and with Youtube optimising their platform for them, we’re sure every internet star will be featuring in one soon. Trevor Wesley knows a thing or two about how to become a Youtube sensation and his new video should only propel him further into the online success that he deserves.

This is the first full 360° music video that we’ve seen and we’re very impressed to say the least. The video not only uses cutting edge technology but has been choreographed in a way that perfectly interacts with the technology at hand.

The video starts fixated on Trevor himself who sits in the corner of the room serenading us with the first few bars through soothing melodies. Within seconds the camera pans back and rotates to reveal the rest of the surroundings. From this point in the video we have access to the full 360° of the room that it was shot in. Which enables us to see a brilliantly choreographed dance routine that surrounds us as the viewer.

The video was choreographed by Ian Eastwood and directed by Sam Macaroni. We highly recommend you watch this for both the creative video and brilliant track. Hats off To Trevor Wesley.

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