If your a keen videographer you’ve probably been asking yourself, what’s the best 360° Video Camera? The idea of creating your own 360° video and re-streaming it into a head mounted display used to be the kind of thing we associated with futuristic sci-fi movies. However, these once distant technological fantasies have become a reality in 2016. Welcome to the future!

Here at VRandstuff we’ve got two of the hottest 360° cameras, one available to buy now and one to be released later this year. We’ll be doing regular write ups on cameras, so keep you’re eyes peeled for updates.

Kodak Pixpro SP360-4K

kodak_pixpro_4kWith the bragging rights of being the Worlds’ first 4k recorder to capture both: 360° video and still images, whilst using only one camera, this device is sure to turn heads. The 4k big brother of the equally popular Pix Pro SP360 uses a dome shaped lens design to capture a 360° field of view in different directions. The list of attachments that come with it are impressive too with a remote control, waterproof case ( up to 60m) and a wall suction mount to name a few. Features include a burst mode as well as the 12-megapixel still image capture and you can also create time-lapse videos! Available now for £379.99. Grab your’s here


luna-360-degree-camera-1This grabbed our attention after being tagged as the worlds smallest 360° camera. It’s operated with a single button and uses two 190° fish eye lenses to capture your surroundings. With a watertight shell and scratch proof lens its designed to withstand any conditions you find yourself in. This clever device uses gyro-stabilisation to automatically level the images, creating high quality photos and videos. Wireless data transfer is another handy addition which adds live streaming capabilities. With a width of just 60mm the Luna is designed to be placed anywhere to create the perfect 360° videos or photos and can be carried on your person with no hassle too! Available for pre order now for 299USD here. In our opinion these are two of the best 360° Video Cameras that we’ve seen.

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