Advances in digital media seem to be more radical and exciting than any other industry, seeing so many changes throughout our own lives. In the 70’s the phrase “the revolution will not be televised” was coined but that statement couldn’t be any less true today. In fact the revolution will be televised, and it will be filmed in 360 virtual reality and stuck to your face.

With any type of new technology there is always a teething period where we try and figure out if it will stick with consumers or just be a cool gimmick that could have been. Virtual reality has already had it’s place in this period of ‘will it?/wont it? limbo’ and I can tell you that it will, if not now, become a commercial reality with-in the next 5 years. You only have to analyse what all the major players are doing to see that there is some real traction in this technology. Whilst some people have only witnessed the potential through the gaming industry, one of hollywood’s biggest and most loved studios has got on board to bring some of our favourite characters to VR.

Disney has announced a partnership with Nokia in order to make this happen. If you didn’t already know, Nokia (the company that made your trusty 3210 mobile-phone)  have recently diversified into making high end 360° VR cameras. Their Ozo camera is one of the best and most expensive on the market, costing around $60,000 USD. Nokia have marketed their new cameras as gear for Hollywood film makers rather than the mid or amateur level, and this new partnership with Disney only solidifies their positioning further.

Nokia Ozo 360 camera VR

Disney filmmakers and marketing teams will now be provided with Ozo cameras in order to create 360 content across all of the studio’s brands. Jamie Voris, chief technology officer at Walt Disney Studios has said that they “are very excited to collaborate with Nokia Technologies to help explore the creation of VR content for our theatrical releases [with the aim being to] bring extraordinary experiences to audiences around the world, and specially-created VR content is one more way we can transport people even further into the worlds our filmmakers create.”

Disney have already started to use the Ozo in the creation of additional content around their most recent picture, The Jungle Book remake. The camera was used in the creation of a 360 interview with the cast and director and also in a red carpet experience. Whilst neither of these applications are particularly revolutionary or ground-breaking, Nokia Technologies president, Ramzi Haidamus, has stated that they are only the beginning.

Nokia OZO 360 camera

The partnership between the two is set to cover more than just Walt Disney Films, with all studios that are under the Disney umbrella to be involved. This includes Lucas films, Pixar and Marvel to name but a few. It seems like Disney could be set to flood the market with prime Hollywood 360 VR content, and we cant wait for it! They are being fairly tight lipped about what content is to come and have only revealed that the Ozo is currently being used to shoot behind the scenes footage of an upcoming Disney production so far. Our bet is on Star Wars: Episode VIII.

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