National Geographic have provided us with a view of Zambia and Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls that we’ve never seen before. They’ve managed to capture the natural wonder in all 360° of it’s full beauty.

Not all of us are brave enough to swim in the “devil’s pool” which lies daringly close to the edge of the falls, and before now only a select bunch of thrill seekers (maniacs) got to experience the views from this iconic place in such a way. Thanks to NatGeo we can now experience this from the calm and safe environment of your office chair or sofa (which is fine by me). This footage takes you even further, going right over the edge of one of the worlds largest waterfalls. Previously the only way to view this in a full 360° would have been to do a spinning jump off the edge of the Waterfall, and we’re pretty sure you wouldn’t live to tell the tale.

This is a true testament to how 360° videos will show us a new side (or in fact all sides) to life that we’ve never been able to view before.

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