If you’re an Anime lover that was hoping to view the highly anticipated Ghost In The Shell VR movie on their mobile then you might be disappointed to hear that this won’t be possible. In fact unless you live in close to the Kanto region in Japan then you won’t be viewing it at all. The VR movie will now only be shown in 31 internet cafes around this region.

The movie was initially intended to be delivered through a mobile app so that anyone could access it, however the project has grown too big for such a delivery method to suffice. This was, in our opinion, to be expected considering the 15 minute feature has been created in full 360° (the amount of data required would be huge). It’s this sort of issue is currently hindering projects like this, streaming or even downloading this amount of data to a mobile device is a troublesome premise.

However, their is some hope for the future as Production IG has alluded that the Virtual Reality Driver will be available for the Playstation VR, meaning users should get the chance to view this from their living room. However geography could play a part in limiting the scope of this once again, as it is still uncertain as whether the content will be available outside of Japan. Although, the slightly more tech-savvy amongst you might be able to counter this problem through some sort of VPN.

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