YouTube have been in talks with different camera manufacturers over the last few months trying to bring live-stream 360° videos to their ever evolving platform. There is yet to be any official statement from YouTube as to when this may happen, but with the virtual reality voyage well underway its only a matter of time. At present they support people to live stream with regular cameras, but by enabling 360° live-streaming it will open a whole new dimension to the YouTube community.

Already 360° videos are in high demand on the platform and you can keep up to speed with our 360 Video: Weekly Watch feature. Since the release of Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR the 360° videos- which went viral in March 2015- have come on leaps and bounds and with YouTube planning to build an improved high-quality platform allowing even amateur videographers create immersive experiences.

Currently one of the problems is the capabilities of the 360° cameras that are available to the market. To be able to live-stream in 360° they will need to be able to significantly increase their video output quality and not only that, they will need to design cameras that can pull the different videos together and produce them all in real time.

The 360° video cameras available now seem to range considerably- and not exactly consistently- in quality and cost, so here at VRandstuff we’ve been researching whats out there. We’re very impressed with the Kodak PixPro SP360 4k and Luna 360, which you can read more about here.

The virtual reality movement is well underway and with 360° video at the forefront the cameras are only going to keep getting better and hopefully cheaper too!

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