If you’re in need of a new puzzle game for your Samsung Gear VR then Annie Amber is exactly what you’re looking for. The gripping new title is a first person VR experience that released with the refresh of the Oculus store.

You explore as the titular character learning more about her life and story as it develops, being thrown into dream like worlds which are often set in space. The character development and story telling has been excellently crafted through-out.

Whilst the puzzles might not need an Einstein IQ to solve, they’re definitely enough to get your brain working without finding yourself unstuck (no-one likes a puzzle that they can’t solve). Its with the completion of each puzzle that you find out more about Annie’s story and start to answer the important questions about her life.

The game-play style lends itself brilliantly to a VR environment as there is no need for a controller. You instead, look around your environment and are drawn closer to the area or object that you are focusing on. The visuals make this journey an awe evoking experience that will have you gripped throughout. If you’re a Samsung Gear VR owner then this is an experience that we highly recommend.

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