The Oculus team have announced the Rift’s 30 release games that will be launching on March 28th alongside the HMD on day one.

The list of titles was announced at the GDC 2016, and has quickly stolen the thunder back from Playstation VR’s release date news.

One great thing to note is the price point of these games. VR Game price has been a long debated topic, and somewhat of a grey area up until now, with many speculating that the cost for the end user will be extortionate. However, we’ve been pleasantly surprised to see that titles range anywhere between $4.99 to $59.99. It’s nice to that the future of gaming doesn’t come at a premium cost.

Here’s the full list of game titles:oculus games

And if that list hasn’t got you excited enough, then this video definitely will:

What do you make of the Oculus Rift Release Games?

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