If you’ve become numb to the standard thrills of 2D games and you need to step it up a level (or 10,000 levels) then we might have just the thing for you. This title has been described by it’s creators as a “rhythm violence game” and can easily cause a sensory overload by inducing stress and fear. If that sounds great to you then you’ve got problems and we should probably be friends. The game in question is called Thumper and it’s coming to PlayStation VR this year.

So the premise is a pretty simple one, you’re guiding a metallic beetle or ball down a winding track with the aim being to stay on said track, guiding your shiny ball through nodes that pulse with intense electronica – imagine rainbow road but on acid, with a strong hint of aggression.

thumper virtual reality VR PlayStation VR

Thumper does also exist in a non VR realm, however, it seems like a title that was actually designed to be viewed in a VR headset. The visuals and intensity are turned right up to the max when you put on the HMD (head mounted display unit), almost like you are actually on a trip whilst playing. It’s definitely an experience like no other. Don’t forget you can pre-order your PlayStation VR now.

The guys at IGN, give a great talk through of their experience playing it at this years PAX East alongside some great game play footage:

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