We’ve all been there at some point in our gaming career, jumping out of our seats and screaming at a screen, maybe even un-able to continue playing. I certainly remember the first titles that really scared me senseless as a kid. The first being Doom, not even the chain-gun could stop you from the horror of an unsuspected Demon or Cacodemon that seems to appear from nowhere. The second game that really got me was Silent Hill on the original PlayStation, to this day I’ve never completed it due to the absolute terror that it filled me with when I was a child.

Now that i’ve publicly embarrassed myself online by admitting that, I think it’s time that I divert you to the above video of a screaming girl playing The Brookhaven Experiments on the HTC Vive. The game does look terrifying enough as it is, and the dark visuals do remind me of the terrifying days of Silent Hill. We’d recommend that you watch this video with the sound on low as the screams are shrill and frequent.

The brookhaven experiments VR

The video comes from Karl&RenateVR who are couple that have been demoing VR games on their HTC Vive. A word to the wise for Karl, if the Zombie apocalypse does come then you’ll want to get rid of Renate as soon as possible. Maybe use her screams as a diversion whilst you make it to a safe haven, it’s the only way you’ll make it out alive.

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