Lets face it, when it comes to editing visual media, Adobe have got the game on lock. So it shouldn’t have come as a surprise that they have been the first major video editing platform to announce an upgrade that supports 360 VR video.

This upgrade, which is due this spring, will mean that video editors can now use Premiere to edit 360-degree stitched videos along with the capability to preview the footage in VR mode. This viewing mode is similar to the way you currently preview 360 videos on Facebook or Youtube.

This is another tool that will make the creation of 360 content more accessible to the masses. The last few weeks has seen a real trend of all major platforms getting on board making cheaper hardware and software solutions to bring 360 VR video creation to the mass market.

Whilst the software can’t be used to stitch together footage (which is a troublesome task) it will help to make the general work flow easier for anyone interesting in creating this type of content.

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