There’s been a lot of great stuff coming out of the NAB (national association of broadcasters) show in Las Vegas this year. Mainly as major players in the game are gearing up to welcome Virtual Reality and 360 video. We’ve seen the likes of Adobe upgrading premiere to support their 360 editing and Youtube have announced their 360 VR live streaming service. We’ve seen a lot of development happening around 360 in the hobbyist end of the market, but i’m sure you’re keen to see the big boy toys that we could only dream of owning.

Well, without further adieu, I give you the world’s first virtual reality production truck which has been created by NextVR.

NextVR Virtual Reality production truck

NextVr have said that the purpose of this truck is to “allow for rapid deployment at an arena or stadium for the increasing demand for live virtual reality content.”. It has been conceived as a plug and play model which means that when it rolls up, it will be able to shoot in full 360 VR and record audio in 3D audio without even having to patch any cables.

Next VR live production truck

NextVR have really got ahead of the game with this one. With the way we’ve seen major online broadcasting facilities and even offline broadcasters like Sky improve their platforms to support VR, we’re sure that this will be in high demand. The co-founder has stated that they’re already “doing about one live production to week and that’s about to multiply so this truck was a necessary next step”.

NextVR is currently in a 5 year deal with FOX sports so i’m sure you will see this deployed at major sporting events in the near future. The senior vice president of FOX sports technical operations has commented saying “having a VR broadcast truck to cover major events is another example of how NextVR continues to read the market in this emerging technology”.

mixing desk NextVR broadcast truckI’ve been in a fair few broadcast trucks in my time and seeing how clean and spacious this one looks, considering the amount of tech inside is mind-blowing. I can’t wait to see what it can output.

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