If you thought 3D was a big breakthrough for sports viewing then get ready for something really special – holograms. That’s the fascinating prospect raised during a recent SuperBowl 50 event.

Until now Hololens technology has been something which seemed destined to have its greatest impact in education or healthcare. It’s an augmented reality concept which can allow professionals to pull up much more information and data over a screen.

However, Microsoft has different ideas. They’ve been thinking about how wonderful it would be if we took this technology and applied it to the world of entertainment – particularly football. By wearing a headset, viewers would be able to dramatically change the way in which they watch sports such as American Football.

The video shows people expanding the view beyond the aspect ratio of their television to create a big screen experience. They can pull up stats on individual players, project instant replays onto their coffee table or see life fantasy scores on top of the action.  Perhaps the real blockbuster feature, though, is the ability view life sized players and have them literally burst through your walls.

The footage in the clip comes from a recent game between the 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks so it gives you an idea of how a real life football game could really be transformed into a totally immersive AR experience. And according to New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Bees, we’ve only really begun to scratch the surface of what this can do. Because viewers can now view life sized players, it gives them a real idea of just how big these man mountains are. Expanding the technology through to its logical conclusion you could even take viewers behind the eyes of the players – so they can see what they see and what they do not – during any individual play.

It is the stuff of science fiction, but the future could be here more quickly than most people realise. Microsoft has said this technology could be with us within the next few years. Augmented reality is already with us in some forms and is changing the way people work in many different ways. Looking ahead into the future educators or health care professionals could use this technology in a variety of ways.

For example, students attending a lecture could see additional information and learning materials to supplement the course. Healthcare professionals could look at a patient and instantly see a host of information about their health and wellbeing allowing them to make a much quicker diagnosis.

By taking this into the world of entertainment, Microsoft think they’ve found a new and potentially highly lucrative source of revenue. From a viewer’s perspective it’s certainly an exciting possibility and dramatically expands the options for fans watching the game.

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