NextVR have taken virtual reality broadcasting by storm over the last two years. The company is already partnered with FOX Sports to bring you the best in virtual reality sports coverage, and they have also designed the world’s first full VR production truck, capable of rocking up to any venue to film in full VR and capture 3D audio. So, it should come as no surprise that they’re once again trumping the competition by announcing a partnership with one of the worlds largest ticketing, productions company: LiveNation.

NextVR cam

The main purpose of this partnership, of course, being for NextVR to capture and stream “hundreds” of gigs, and festivals amongst other live events directly into your virtual reality headset. All of this will happen in real time and be 100% live, so if you missed your chance to grab tickets to see your favourite artist then this is the next best thing. No more waiting for the dvd to be released or watching crappy fan videos on youtube just to get a glimpse of your favourite heart throb on stage.


Viewers will get access to these events through the NextVR app, which luckily doesn’t discriminate against any type of VR headset. You’ll be able to view live on any of the following headsets: Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive and Google Cardboard – which also means any unofficial headset supporting Google cardboard functionality. The first of these events is to be announced very soon and will be streamed this summer, with the full list of events coming later on this year – after negotiations (and big cheques cut) with the artists, we imagine.

NextVR really do seem to be blowing the other competition out of the water since raising around $30.5 million of investment last year, with the premise of tackling the live events industry and broadcasting it in VR. Early this year Youtube enabled a live VR streaming service with support for full 3D audio, and the first event to be streamed in VR was Coachella. However, with NextVR making partnerships like this, it seems like they might be getting a competitive edge, even over the worlds most recognisable video platform.

Unfortunately, they’re not giving the game away just yet as to which artists will be adopting this for their live show. David Cole, the co-founder of NextVR has only stated that they “are planning to bring quite a few acts to the platform…All LiveNation events are possible candidates and there will be some very big names included.  We’re planning the slate now.” However Livenation is responsible for huge acts including Beyonce, Drake, Rihanna and Coldplay to name just a few, so I’m sure we can expect the cream of the crop.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the artists and dates of these shows as information is released @VRandstuff