If you’ve ever doubted that pre-existing game franchises wouldn’t translate well to virtual reality, then Minecraft on the HTC Vive will definitely change your opinion. The above gameplay video from @Kotaku shows you just how well this classic game works in VR.

Until now we’ve seen a lot of great screen shots from the augmented reality version set for Microsoft’s Hololens but we hadn’t heard too much about the version on the Vive and Rift. On first look, they seem to have made sure not to defer from the original game format but only the way you interact with it which is great as the change won’t take away from the Minecraft experience that we’ve all grown to know and love.

During gameplay your right hand holds your tools or weapon and your left hand holds your inventory and crafting interface. In order to select thing from your inventory you use your right hand as a pointer and you can easily scroll through the different options.

There are two different options for moving around in the game. You have the standard walking option using the room scale functionality of the HTC Vive. This tracks your movement so that when you move in real life, you also move in the game. However, if you’re limited on space then you can teleport from place to place, which also seems to lend itself well to a VR environment.

From what we’ve seen so far, it seems that the Minecraft franchise has been excellently represented in this new virtual reality edition. We think it will having the pulling power to attract new fans as well maintain the same demographic of gamers that have been playing Minecraft for years.

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