It’s no secret that Oculus has been off to a rocky start with the delay of it’s pre-ordered headsets, causing some grief with the early adopters of VR and the brand’s backers. However we think they might still have a trick up their sleeve that could wipe the dirt off their name and remove the sour taste from the mouths of those that have already paid a hefty price without actually receiving their headset.

In a recent interview Palmer Luckey exclaimed that the next thing he was most excited about was the release of its Touch controls and the content that would accompany them. This suggests to us that there has been a lot of content specifically designed for the Touch controls and that we might have only seen the top of the iceberg so far when it comes to Oculus titles.

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Whilst Oculus hasn’t actually confirmed a specific date for the reveal, we’re guessing that we could be getting more information at this years E3 conference (june 14th-16th). Luckey has confirmed that they have beenĀ holding back a lot of this touch content so we’re expecting some big reveals in terms of games and apps designed for the headset from both Oculus and third party designers.

Oculus Touch won’t be avilable for consumers to purchase until the second half of this year, and we’re hoping that they will have their manufacturing issues nailed down by this point as not to disappoint any further.

CCP Games, hosted a showcase for the controller, two weeks ago at EVE fanfest on several stands to demonstrate their virtual reality sports game, Project Arena. We’re sure this has stepped up the Oculus experience 10 fold, adding motion gestures to make it a truly immersive experience. The video below proves exactly that:

The release of the Touch control could be what Oculus needs for it to become the dominant virtual reality headset and win the VR race. The drama surrounding the launch of the product and high computing power needed for the system has made certain people believe that Sony could be the company to cash in on commercial virtual reality with their PlayStation VR headset later this year. Lets hope the Touch content lives up to Luckey’s hype.

We’ll be keeping you updated on Touch content as it’s released at @VRandstuff