So whilst we’ve been deliberating about whether there will be a Playstation 4.5 or not (which we’re pretty positive there will be). Another piece of tantalising information has been leaked by Lorne Lanning about Sony’s future plans post PS4 and Ps4.5 (or PS NEO as it’s being referred to by Sony).

Lanning weighed in his view about the PS4.5 on the most recent Game Informer Show and also dropped what could be a bombshell for lovers of the PlayStation franchise. According to Lanning, he was having a conversation with Shushei Yoshida at a private dinner party where the topic of Playstation 5 was brought up. Lanning proceeded to ask what the PlayStation 5 will look like to which Yoshida replied ‘you mean if’. Lanning was obviously shocked by the revelation and asked him if he would be willing to say that again but on stage, to which he replied “yeah, its an if. “

I think the main thing to infer from this is not that Sony is moving away from the gaming market in any sense. Recent years have only proved their dominance, so why would they just walk away? I think the ‘if’ refers instead to the way gaming will develop in the near future, if Virtual Reality develops in the way that is forecast then Sony might not be investing into an upgrade to their PlayStation consoles but maybe the next version of Playstation VR. If you cannot wait that long then you can pre-order the upcoming PS VR now.

Lanning is also quick to point out that the console release model is outdated in terms of time between upgrades. Stating that mobile phones typically last a maximum of two years and the idea of a console lasting 5-7 years isn’t sustainable anymore. He believes that we will see VR headset manufacturers operating in a similar model to that of mobile phone manufacturers, releasing new iterations every 2 years or so.

What do you make of this interesting turn of events? Are we looking at the end of console gaming like we know it?

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