Everybody loves the Game Of Thrones intro, whether its for the intricate visuals or the distinct theme music that insights excitement into living rooms across the world, the intro truly resonates with all of us. We might actually love it for the simple fact that an hour (or near enough) of HBO’s gripping fantasy drama is just seconds away. Either way, it’s something that we can’t deny.

If you’re a fan of the show then I can assume that you’ve heard that music and tried to make sense of those maps countless time over the last few years, but one thing i’m sure of is that you’ve never seen it like this, in glorious 360°. This has all been made possible by Facebook in collaboration with Elastic, who made the intro for the series.

We’re hoping this might mean that in the future we could see a Game of Thrones short in 360°, one that goes a little further than the trailer. Only time will tell.

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