If you’ve been following our feed then you can probably tell that we’re pretty excited about the release of the PlayStation VR later this year. Well, you can only imagine the smile on my face when I found out that you can now pre-order the PlayStation VR.

Playstation Vr PSVRIf you’re interested in getting one for release day then we would highly recommend that you take action on this ASAP. When Amazon put this out up for pre-order in the US it sold out extremely quickly.

The headset is currently available to pre-order from Amazon for £349 but remember you need to buy the camera too if you don’t already own one, otherwise its not going to work. We’d also recommend grabbing some move wands to really enjoy the experience but they’re not compulsory for it to work as you can still use your dual shock controller. PLaystation VR bundle PSVR

As this is the first time the device has been listed on the site then we can only assume that you will receive it on release date if you pre-order now. Remember stock is limited.

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