With the hype surrounding VR right now, we’re sure a lot of you are considering investing in a device soon. However, this notion does come with a hefty price tag into untested waters. Parting with anywhere up to £700 without having the chance to immerse yourself in a VR experience might seem absolutely mad, so we want to help ease you in to the future of gaming and viewing technology.

If you happen to be a samsung smart phone user then you’ve been blessed with the chance to get your hands on a VR HMD at a fraction of the cost we discussed earlier. The Samsung Gear Vr only costs around £80 and transforms your Samsung smart phone into a fully fledged virtual reality head mounted display. Whilst it might not be able to boast as much of a high spec of it’s unreleased competitors, we think you should look at it as an introduction into the world of Virtual Reality.

We’ve been having all sorts of fun with our Samsung Gear here at the VRandstuff HQ, so we’ve compiled a list of our favourite titles that are available right now.

Best Gear VR Apps

Oculus 360 Photos:

If this is your first time putting on a HMD then you might want to ease yourself into the experience, to not make it too overwhelming. Oculus 360 photos provides you with a series of high definition 360 viewable photos from a number of different environments. Whether thats exploring a new city or being lost in natures natural wonders, there’s something to see for everyone. We highly recommend the 3D art section for some mind blowing visuals.


This app enables you to make the most out of the Gear’s 360 video viewing capabilities. VRSE comes packed full of VR videos commissioned and curated by the New York Times, Vice and more. Each piece was made specifically with VR in mind so it makes for great viewing pleasure from your Gear VR.

Next Vrnext vr

This app is packed full of top sporting highlights from the NBA and football games alike. It gives us a rare glimpse of what it’s like to view sporting events from the best seat in the house whilst remaining in the comfort of your own living room. Next VR provides a viewing experience like never seen before.


As someone who delves in the world of electronic music production, I got particularly excited about this app. Soundscape allows the creative in you to come out by programming beats and melodies through a recognizable linear sequencer. With a host of cool effects, this will provide endless hours of fun. All notes are set to pentatonic scales so you don’t need to be musically trained to use it, and everything will sound (roughly) in key. Whilst, i won’t be trading my keyboard and DAW for a HMD anytime soon, i did enjoy playing around on this great app.

Netflixnetflix vrThis might seem like a bit of an obvious choice and something that we’re so used to by now that you’re probably wondering why i’m mentioning it. However, i’m sure plenty of you have tried to view something on Netflix on a train or plane and have been so distracted by your outside environment whilst gazing at your tiny screen, that you end up giving up. Those days are now over. Netflix on your Gear Vr allows users to have a private viewing experience from a virtual cinema, making it more immersive than ever before.

Best Gear Vr Games


This was the first title we purchased. The opening scene really wowed us, and made us think deeply about the potential of VR gaming in the future.

Set on futuristic space station, you take to the turrets in an arcade style blaster that will have you forever chasing your own high score.

Lands End

Lands end it is aimed at those of us who want a bit more of a mental challenge in our game play. This puzzle style game has been developed by the same team behind the infamous Monument Valley and is just as intriguing through out. It comes highly recommend from the Vrandstuff team.

Temple Run VRtemple run VR

This VR spin on the classic endless runner game, gives it a new lease of life for 2016. The main difference being that it is now you, personally, that is being chased through the grounds of the temple. If you were as addicted to the original temple run as me, then you’ll love this (or want to stay away from it if you’ve got a busy day).

Smash Hit

As the name suggests, this game is certain to be a smash hit with Gear Vr users. Whilst being a simple concept, users get to fly through corridors, throwing metal ball-bearings at glass objects to shatter obstacles and clear the path. If you’ve had a particularly stressful day then we suggest you download this for some highly therapeutic destruction that won’t lead to any real damage.

Dead Secret

If you get your kicks being from being scared then dead secret is definitely the game for you. It’s by far the spookiest tile that we’ve managed to find for the Gear VR so far. Packed full of mystery and eery music, we’d recommend avoiding this one before bed.

As you can see there’s plenty of VR experiences for you to get stuck into already without having to shell out the big bucks just yet. If you’ve already got a Samsung Gear VR then let us know what your favourite games or apps are.

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