Tuesday marked the start of the F8, Facebook’s developer conference. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebooks CEO and co-founder, opened the conference with a keynote speech, based around the next 10 years of Facebook and how it saw the company developing through that time-frame.

Within this ten year development plan were the goals for their VR department – which you will know as Oculus. Zuckerberg sees the overall goal for Oculus as creating a new device that combines the use of both VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality). The device will not take the form of the more clunky headsets that we’re currently seeing but he instead expects the technology be housed in a pair of sunglasses. Zuckerberg said this about the expected developments:

The form factor is going to keep getting smaller…eventually we’re going to have normal looking glasses that can do both virtual and augmented reality…at that point expensive items, like televisions, will be one dollar apps in an app store.”

Whilst this currently sounds like an ambitious task, there’s no denying that the last 10 years of technology development has seen progression on this scale, and with Facebook at the helm of development, anything could be possible.

Facebook is already scaling up it’s computational imaging R&D to “weave together new and exciting experiences in VR and AR content creation and sharing”. This technology could be used in combination with the development of Oculus headsets in order to put them at the forefront of VR and help to create a pair of VR/AR sunglasses.

Oculus Rift Future F8

Whilst this all sounds very exciting, the above image should only emphasises how far away we are from the goal. However, it does promise an interesting future that the tech giants will be striving for. Roll on the next 10 years!

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