Have you ever wondered what happens when you mix virtual reality technology with a drone? If so, you’ve probably imagine a creation similar to the FLYBi, but we very much doubt that you did, otherwise you need to sue them for stealing your ideas.

Virtual Reality has the potential to change the way we interact with so many different types of technologies, but for some reason we never considered the possibilities and potential of combining it with a drone. Why we never fathomed this is beyond us, as FLYBi demonstrates how seamless and natural it is for the two technologies to integrate. In fact, the idea of flying one without VR goggles almost seems pointless now that we’ve seen this.FLY BI DRONE VR The FlyBI has the bragging rights of being “the world’s first camera equipped drone that tracks your head movement, streaming it’s view right to your virtual reality goggles”. The VR headset has a built in gyroscope which tracks any head movement. As you move your head, it sends a signal to the drone and tells it to pan the camera angle, making it a natural and immersive experience. FLYBI VR HeadsetIf you’re thinking that this might make droning an un-social activity, then think again. The FLYBi Vr app allows you to share your aerial adventure with your friends. There are even extra goggles avilable to purchase for your friends to place their phones into and use to view your live video stream in VR too.

You don’t have to worry about not being able to see your drone in the sky and missing an object that you could crash into. This is because the FLYBI has an obstacle avoidance system, which uses a series of sensors to make sure that you avoid physical contact with anything that gets too close to the drone.

If you’re interested in purchasing a FLYBi then you should check out their Indiegogo page here.

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