High end virtual reality is coming and few systems are as eagerly anticipated as Playstation VR. However, while it’s pricey enough to buy the headset, that’s just the start of things as there’s a host of other stuff you’ll need including a camera and controllers.

Recently Sony announced that Playstation VR will be hitting the shelves around the world in October. Playstation’s CEO Andrew House said: “for over two decades, we’ve aspired to take gamers somewhere greater and we believe VR is the next step in that journey and will usher in an entirely new era of gaming.” It is just one of a number of top of the range VR headsets being launched during the course of this year, including the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, that have got gamers excited. Their aim is nothing short of revolutionising the entire gaming and entertainment industry.

Its pricing is pretty hefty: $400, €400, £349 but if you’re thinking of buying one then remember to budget for a fair bit more on top of all that. In addition to a headset you will also need to buy a Move Controller and a Playstation Camera if you don’t have them yet and that’s going to add a fair bit more to the overall price. On Amazon a Playstation Move controller will set you back over £30 while a Playstation camera will be another £34.99, but it’s not just the price that’s got everyone riled up it’s the inconvenience of having to buy all this gear separately.

However, all that could be coming to an end. Rumour has it that Sony will be releasing a bundle containing Playstation VR, a camera and Move controller all in the one pack in many parts of the world although an official announcement has not been made about the UK.

Explaining the decision Sony say that VR was initially being released as a standalone product only because many Playstation users already had a camera and controller. These will continue to be sold separately, but the company has acknowledged that a bundle is needed for those users who do not have them yet.

In addition, Playstation has also been talking about the possibility of a link up with PCs in the distant future. Playstation is, they say, entirely compatible with PCs and it’s not impossible that we could see their VR technology working with PCs capable of running the software.

For now there is no announcement on pricing, so we do not yet know if there will be any discount for buying a bundle. However, talk of a bundle at least makes the prospect of buying VR a whole lot less complicated for those who do not have the required additional tech.