Google Cardboard is virtual reality for beginners, and Google hasn’t made that a secret. Of course that comes with its pros and cons.

Lets start with the great things about Google Cardboard: first and foremost, its cheapClick To Tweet the platform works with both iOS and Android devices and the content is growing at a serious rate.

Its simple to use too. You download the Cardboard app, slide your phone into a cardboard viewer with a pair of magnification lenses, met then with a demo experience to get to grips with the concept, and then delve into the Google Play Store’s Cardboard and build your VR library. Once you’re fully involved you can create your own experiences using the free to download Cardboard Camera app. Apps in the store are mostly free, with premium apps also now becoming available.

Enough of the positives, lets pull this apart a little bit, as impressive as the platform may be it doesn’t truly immerse you like you would hope from Virtual Reality. Screen resolution is also a problem through the viewer lenses and does hinder the VR experience slightly. Headsets starting for as little £1.50 unfortunately aren’t the most comfortable and it feels more like looking through a pair of old binoculars you’d find at your grandparents house.

If you’ve tried and tested the Cardboard experience but fancy a comfier headset, look no further! Google just launched its online store dedicated to Cardboard-compatible viewers with a wide variety of options, personally the best option being the SmartVR by DODOcase costing around £30