We’ve barely been able to contain our excitement over the release of the HTC Vive on April 5th, and whilst it’s price tag of £689 might make some damage to our food budget, one thing we won’t be short of is games on release date.

Vive is boasting a whopping 50 titles to be ready for purchase upon release (20 more than it’s main competitors Oculus Rift). The games will be provided by and purchased through Steam Vr which is Valves answer to virtual reality devices.

One thing worth noting is that none of the 50 titles will be exclusive to Vive, however in the early days of consumer VR this should not be viewed as a negative. From the dawn of the console wars, many users have been swayed to one device by the use of exclusive titles. We feel that its important that in these untested times of VR, for users to know that they aren’t making a decision they might regret when choosing what HMD to buy.

The three most hyped titles for the HTC Vive at this years GDC were: Indimo Lab’s ‘Vanishing Realms: Rite of Steel’ (a classic RPG style game), VR Unicorn’s ‘#Selfie Tennis’ (which is a fun and self explanatory title) and The Brookhaven Experiment (which is first person shooter that will scare you to your core). Each title delves into completely different realms but provide just as a exciting a user experience as the next. The following images from each title really does prove that there will be something for everyone on release day:

the brookhaven experiment ‘The Brookhaven Experiment’

#selfie tennis ‘#Selfie Tennis’

vanishing realms rite of steel

‘Vanishing Realms: Rite of Steel’

What do you make of the Vive’s Release Games?

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