Microsoft’s Hololens development kit started shipping out this month. For those of you that have been following Microsoft’s endeavours into Augmented reality, i’m sure you’ve been wondering what comes with the latest model and how it actually looks outside of a press shot. The reality is that most of us (unless you’re a keen windows 10 developer) won’t be purchasing one of these, or even get the chance to try one for a long time. Luckily the guys at windows central have posted an unboxing video to show us exactly what you get with out parting with $3000.

The Hololens is shipped with a premium looking, hard shelled storage case which is going to be necessary when you consider the cost of the device. The case has room to store the Hololens along with, a usb charger, wall adaptor, head strap and starter guide. The case is of a transportable size and you would easily be able to fit it into a backpack.

Also in the box comes, the Hololens clicker, which is a remote control. The two devices are connected via bluetooth. The clicker is optional as there are other ways of controlling the Hololens (using gaze or air-tap gestures).

All in all it look like a slightly more compact device in comparison to any of the VR headsets we’ve seen of recent. This is mainly due to the nature of the device being a standalone wearable computer in comparison to something that requires a computer and host of connections to power it.

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