Eve Valkyrie is set to one of the best and biggest releases in VR-land this year and one of the main reasons behind this being that it will be supported across all major platforms (Oculus, Vive and PlayStation VR). Not only will you be able to play this on any of these headsets but you will also be able to play this cross-platform, which is a first for virtual reality. This means, that no matter what system you end up vowing an allegiance to, you will be able to play with or against VR gamers of all persuasions.

eve valkyrieWe need to be clear to state that this game is actually completely consistent across all platforms in terms of content. According to Andrew Willens, the lead game designer on Valkyrie, translating the game to PlayStation VR hasn’t “been a huge kind of hurdle of any kind, really.” The most important part has been “making sure they can all talk to each other for cross-platform play. But the game is the same on all platforms, and Playstation VR is what it is, it’s another headset. Obviously there’s a certain degree of optimisation work that has to happen for the PlayStation 4, but they’re all kick-ass machines, basically.”

We’ve heard time and time again that the graphics on PlayStation VR don’t quite match up to that of it’s competitors, but that can be expected on a device that costs around half the price. However, we shouldn’t underestimate the power and display output of the device as Eve: Valkyrie still looks beautifully crafted on the PSVR, and you won’t see the frame rate dropping at all.

EVE Valkyrie

So you’re probably asking yourself, why do we think that this will be a better experience on the PlayStation VR, if the content is exactly the same and the graphics are slightly lesser than it’s peers? Well its actually a rather simple answer; comfort plays a huge roll in this thought process. Of every headset we’ve used, the PlayStation VR comes up trumps in terms of comfort. This is due to the fact that it’s lightweight and the general design seems to agree with the dynamics of my face more (or anyones face for that matter). Now, if you’re someone that can get lost in a title for hours then your going to need to be comfortable in your headset otherwise it’s going to become extremely frustrating when you want to keep playing but your headset is agitating your face.

Another reason that we can see the experience being better on the PlayStation Vr is the fact that you can output to a TV at the same time, meaning that this can still be a sociable experience. Lets face it (no pun intended), none of your friends are going to want to sit there and watch you be consumed by your headset, as they’re going to want to see some gameplay action too. At least with the Playstation VR, your friends can see the 2D output on any HDMI monitor through the breakout box. Don’t forget, you can now pre-order the PlayStation VR now.

PLaystation VR bundle PSVR

When the PlayStation VR is released in October, we can expect to see content drops happening across all platforms at exactly the same time. The idea being that no headset has a competitive edge on the other, and that there will be no exclusives for any platform, making gaming more unified than ever before. Could we be seeing the end of console wars with techniques like this? Whilst we doubt it, it’s great to see that everyone can have access to great content no matter what decision you make in these early days of commercial virtual reality.

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