The virtual reality rumour mill keeps on turning this week with news coming from the Wall Street Journal that PlayStation are set to announce a newer, more powerful version of the PS4 (the PS4.5) before the release of Playstation VR.

So far this new upgrade has been dubbed both the “PlayStation 4.5” and the “PlayStation 4k” as the new hardware is rumoured to play 4k content and provide “a richer gaming environment”.

Despite there being no real official release date or pricing for the PlayStation 4 upgrade, we’re almost certain that this is more than just a rumour. Netflix told forbes that a 4k capable version of both the Xbox one and PlayStation 4 were expected by the autumn of 2016. We think that they’re going on more than just a hunch with that claim.

It’s also been suggested that PlayStation will continue to sell the current model of PS4 alongside the new upgrade when it releases. Sony have consistently done this with all playstation models, with new upgrades typically occurring two years after release of the initial model.

The news of this console upgrade does imply that the current version of the PS4 might not be able to supply high enough computing power for PlayStation VR. This could be seen as a blow for the platform as Playstation VR has been tipped for roaring success due to it’s cheaper cost. However, with the addition of a new PS4.5 to the set-up, the cost might have just sky-rocketed. Hopefully this will be only be ploy to sell more consoles and existing PS4 owners will still be able to get involved in the VR revolution.

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