It’s fair to say that Microsoft’s Hololens technology has already made waves. We’ve already seen how it can change the way we watch sports, play games or enjoy Netflix and now it’s s letting us share what we see.

The Hololens companion app lets you broadcast what you’re seeing via your headset to your PC or mobile device. It means that if you’re watching Netflix or another live streaming service, other people can also stream what you’re seeing to make it a much more social process.

The app connects directly to the Hololens through Wifi and lets you control everything remotely from your PC or mobile. You can launch and kill apps and take photos or videos through the Hololens from your phone and PC. You can quickly see them and download them through the app. Furthermore, your computer or mobile keyboard can also input straight into the headset.

This doesn’t come cheap – far from it. At present the developer edition of the Hololens costs about £2,160. So the Companion app will not be of much use unless you’re a developer yourself or you have enough cash to waste on something which is effectively just a really cool piece of kit. That is in many ways the downside of being an early adopter.

However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get online and check out the app. There is still plenty to like. If you have a PC or phone which runs Windows 10 it’s well worth checking the app and having a play with it to see what kind of options you’ll have once a more affordable headset becomes available.

Microsoft hopes the Hololens will prove to be a game changer for the entertainment industry. It’s already shown to be useful for healthcare and education professionals, but what Microsoft is really interested in is how people can use it for home entertainment. The idea of seeing games and films hovering in mid air and jumping out from the computer screen is pretty exciting – not to mention the idea of sports coverage literally coming into your living room.

This app allows an additional level of remote control and mobility and more ways to enjoy every conceivable piece of media out there.

Hololens and other AR systems out there appear to be very much in the vanguard of a new and pioneering world of technology. As any look at current headsets suggest they are not much to look at, but the interesting thing about the AR space lies in its potential. And of this there is a huge amount.

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