Sony might be taking a bit longer than it’s competitors to come to the market with it’s headset, but when you see what Playstation VR Games are set for release, it’ll will make it worth waiting for.


Yes, thats right, Rebellion Developments have developed a virtual reality version of the original classic Atari arcade game, which will debut exclusively to Playstation VR. The game operates in a very similar style to the original, piloting a tank in first person in order to combat any encroaching enemies. Battlezone’s enemy forces are an evil corporation and you play as humanity’s last hope to destroy them save the world.

Battlezone PlayStation VR

The game integrates into a VR experience seamlessly using head movement to shift gaze and look for enemies. The left stick of your playstation controller is used to look and the right stick is to aim your turret (which can be used to fire a machine gun or anti tank cannon).

The game plays out in true arcade style with levels ramping up in hardness the longer you manage to stay alive and move up through the iterations. The style of enemy constantly changes to keep you on your toes and you will find yourself battling tanks (of varying armour), turrets and aerial drones. The game has been specifically designed with VR in mind, and its creators understand that it is a new concept. With that in mind they wanted to create something where gameplay could last as little as five minutes but still feel thrilling from start to finish. If you’re not ready to have a headset strapped to your face four hours at a time just yet then this is definitely a title that you’ll enjoy playing.


If you’re yet to use a VR headset and are skeptical of how immersive the experience really can be, then playing DriveClub will definitely change your opinion. Sharp corners, quick deceleration, hills and dips can be enough to make your stomach turn.

If your a racing game fan, then playing in a VR headset takes it to a completely different level. The ability to look around the cockpit and even check your blind-spots by turning your head adds so much more to the experience. It’s still unclear when exactly this will see a release and if it will be ready for launch day or not.

Drive Club Playstation Vr

The London Heist

The London Heist is one of the most conventional PlayStation-esque VR games that we’ve seen so far. It’s the sort of title that would attract your typical PlayStation owner even if it wasn’t VR ready. It feels like a very familiar format and could have almost been made as a sequel to The Getaway which was rife in the height of the GTA glory days.London Heist Playstation VRYou get everything you would expect from this Gangster title – interrogations, car chases, heists and dodgy cockney accents. We’ve only seen some demo gameplay so far but (we think) the finished version is likely to be an on-rails shooter.

Here’s a small sample of some of the gameplay:

Rigs: Mechanised Combat League

Rigs is a game like nothing i’ve ever experienced before. It combines a lot of different elements to make highly competitive game, through arena combat, sports and mechanics. Imagine yourself being placed into a transformer (a rig) that you could control, and then leading it into battle, for sport. Sounds pretty great, right?

Rigs Mechanised Combat Playstaion VR

You play rigs using the standard ps4 controller rather than the Move Wands, as the type of game play is supposed to feel more natural using this method of control. However, you use your head movements to give your shots more precision when aiming your weapons. This really adds a new dynamic to combat.

The game is designed mainly with multiplayer in mind, and different rigs have different powers in combat i.e double jumping or the ability to hover. Even though there is a heavy focus on multiplayer, their is still a strong career mode for solo play. Check out the trailer below:

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

The VR prequel to last year’s Until Dawn is a fantastic first person shooter that isn’t short of jumpy moments. The game is an ‘on-rails’ experience (picture time crisis) that pulls you through a house of horrors in a rickety cart armed with dual shotguns to combat enemies that you wouldn’t want to meet in your worst nightmares.

This on rail shooter makes you feel like you’re in an incredibly creepy theme-park ride or house of horrors with villains and ghouls lunging out at you, inducing fear and generating some very jumpy moments. The developers use a lot of dark and low light scenarios in order to build tension and let your mind run wild as you play. Whilst this does add to the atmosphere it makes it fairly hard to aim at your enemies. If you want to perfect your aim we suggest you start eating some carrots now.

The video below demonstrates some game play and the developers discuss how it’s been created for VR:

Wayward Sky

If you’re the sort of gamer that like a classic point and click puzzle based experience then Wayward Sky is definitely a title that you’d be interested in. The story is based around a young pilot who’s father is killed in a crash with an airborne island’s robot villains.

Wayward Sky was developed with the fact that VR can cause motion sickness in mind . The developer, Ekanayake, is a sufferer of this himself and wanted to create an experience that would wouldn’t deter people like him from VR (of which he is a big fan). Therefore Wayward Sky will be a great introductory point to many people who are yet to experience VR.

You navigate your way through small but highly detailed maps, completing puzzles to progress. Game play switches between third and first person through a quick FTB (fade to black) in order to ease you into a true VR experience which is easy on the eyes. First person adventure games don’t usually let you look through the eyes of it’s hero, giving this game a unique and interesting new dynamic.

Check out the trailer below:

Eve Valkyrie

This title isn’t exclusive to Playstation VR and was actually originally designed for the Oculus Rift. This is actually a huge benefit though as they’ve had so long to polish the experience and sculpt in properly into something worthy of Virtual Reality.

As we’ve seen with games like ‘Gun Jack’ on the Samsung Gear VR, the theme of space combat lends itself extremely well to a VR environment. The added ability of moving your head to pan camera angles is what makes these cockpit based games truly immersive to the point that you forget that you’re actually sat in your living room. eve valkyrie playstation VRTo keep up to date with PlayStation VR Games, follow us at @VRandstuff