If you’re fed up with staring at a laptop screen or a monitor and have been waiting for the day that your scaleable screen will float in front of you then Virtual Monitor is the application you’re looking for.

Using Virtual Monitor is like having your own private theatre screen,  but instead of sticky floors and a draped curtain, your screen could be floating in space (or any other environment that you choose).

The screen has been in a constant state of evolution since it’s creation, and throughout my life I have experienced so many different types of monitor and connections required to feed them. Virtual Desktop feels like something very different to anything I have experienced before and could bring about a real paradigm shift in the way we view our computers.

One of the great features is the fact that you can actually curve the screen in order to make text perfectly viewable from every angle. Samsung have been trying to sell us the curved screen dream for some time now, but in reality it’s just a marketing ploy to separate them from the competition. Whilst there is a real benefit to curved screens in terms of field of view, the benefits can actually only be seen if you’re sitting about a metre away from the screen. I highly doubt anyone that has bought a Samsung curved TV is sitting that close. However, Virtual Desktop, actually puts you the right distance away from the screen to reap all the benefits.

You can also scale your screen up or down and move it wherever you want. Whether you’re looking for a 60 inch monitor or somethings that fits into the IMAX category, the possibilities are endless. You can actually turn on the desktop theatre mode and feel like your sitting in a cinema to add to the viewing experience. If you wanted to watch 360 content then there’s support for that too, so you can switch between different types of media quickly and easily.

The only problem we can foresee is that the app still requires the use of a mouse and keyboard, so unless you can touch type, this might not have a practical use for knocking out emails. Whilst, we’re sure that there will be a work around for this in the future, I would’nt put your monitors on Ebay just yet. We might have to wait for an augmented reality version of this type of app before trade in our screen for a headset.

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