There’s no denying that Barack Obama has been one of the coolest President’s to date. The man oozes charisma and manages to get things done the right way. Being the leader of the free world for the last 8 years, we can only imagine what kind of secrets affairs he’s been privy too and the amount of hi-tech government operations he’s had knowledge of, so for him to dub Virtual Reality as a “brave new world,” really speaks volumes about how impressed he was with it.

Obama VR Pico FlexObama got to don a Pico Flexx – (which is made by PMD) – headset at an industrial technology trade fair in Hanover, Germany, alongside Angel Merkel.

Obama VR Pico Flexx 2

You’re probably wondering exactly what the Pico Flexx is and why he’s waving his hands about in front of it? Whilst this set up may look similar to a Google cardboard, it’s actually a lot more advanced. There’s a camera on the top of this device that connects to your smartphone in order to create a 3D point cloud of the environment in front of the headset. In layman’s terms, the camera enables the added functionality of hand tracking in VR experiences which explains the President’s funny hand gestures.

Obama VR pico FlexxPMD is also the company which is creating the depth sensing technology for Googles AR ready project Tango smartphone, so they definitely have some experience in this area. This is the first time PMD have made a platform for google cardboards apps and simultaneously the first time the president has tried out a VR headset. It seems like a pretty good endorsement for the headset in our opinion.

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