We’ve been reporting on rumours of the Playstation 4.5 which is the seemingly immanent upgrade of the PS4 console that we’ve all grown to love. Yesterday, multiple sources seemed to be confirming those rumours as more than just educated guesses. We reported on GameStop’s (not so cryptic) announcement and now there have been even more developments around the upgrade.

According to our sources, the upgrade has a code name which isn’t the PS4.5 or even the PS4k as we’ve been referring to it. Instead it is being referred to internally as the NEO. We’re assuming this is a Matrix reference (sorry to state the obvious), and that the PlayStation ‘NEO’ will be one step closer to creating the matrix fantasy in real life.

No price has been provided in our recent updates but we have heard previous rumours that it’s set to be around the $399 mark. Hopefully we don’t see the same pattern as with the oculus rift, where a couple of extra hundred dollars will be added to that initial estimate come release.

PlayStation 4.5 Neo 4k

So lets sink our teeth into the interesting stuff, what separates the NEO from our current iteration of the PS4. Well for starters it will run at a higher clock speed which should see an improvement in performance. There will be an improved GPU, which we can assume will really benefit the PlayStation VR headsets. Apparently all game releases will now be shipped in two different modes, “base” and “NEO”, for the original and upgraded console. Games that run in NEO will be optimised to work with the hardware upgrades, meaning more memory allocation, higher frame rate, and improved graphics. Of course, as we reported before, the NEO upgraded console will support 4K output although it doesn’t mean that every game will be created to output at that level.

The table below shows the spec upgrades:

Original PS4 NEO
CPU 8 Jaguar Cores at 1.6 GHz 8 Jaguar Cores at 2.1 GHz
GPU AMD GCN, 18 CUs at 800 MHz Improved AMD GCN, 36 CUs at 911 MHz
Memory 8 GB GDDR5, 176 GB/s 8 GB GDDR5, 218 GB/s

If you already own a PS4 then don’t worry about your console becoming obsolete as all games titles will be released for both iterations. Each console will have access to the same store and connect to the same PlayStation servers for online. We’re glad to see that Sony are making an effort to keep an alignment between users of both consoles, as no one wants to own dead tech and waste money.

Let us know what you think of the upgrade and if it’s something you’ll be buying. To keep up to date with all things PlayStation, follow us at @VRandstuff