Yesterday, HTC announced that they have created a new Accelerator program for the HTC vive. The announcement was made from a conference in Beijing, China, although the program will of course (in true tech style) include a San Fran location.

The accelerator program will be providing $100m of funding to new start ups getting involved in virtual reality with the purpose being to “cultivate, foster and grow the global VR ecosystem by supporting startups and providing them with education, investment and mentorship” – as long as you in San Francisco, Beijing or Taipei. The application process for the Vive X program has already opened.


Not only will the new start-ups receive monetary support form the Accelerator program but also have direct access to leaders in VR and investors for “mentorship, education, networking and business support services”. This has all been made possible by the creation of the Asia-Pacific Virtual Reality Industry Alliance (APVRA). This alliance will include a number of huge companies including Valve, Warner Bros, Disney, Wevr, Lionsgate, Ali Baba, NVIDIA, AMD, Epic Games and Ubisoft to name but a few.

This sounds like a great opportunity for anyone that wants to get involved in the VR industry. Whilst HTC is launching at the above mentioned locations in May, it has plans to move into additional cities soon enough. London, watch out.

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