Modern living can be great, we’ve got better technology, faster transport, nicer food and more experiences than ever before, but the drive to afford all of the above can take you away from the one thing that is really important, family.

Samsung are using virtual reality to bring you closer to your children at a time when they wan’t you the most. It’s no secret that some kids can’t be tucked in without a bedtime story from their parents, unfortunately if your working away from home, it doesn’t translate that well over the loud speaker on a phone. So Samsung have found a way to keep everyone happy and it comes in the form of an app called Bedtime VR stories that “combines the latest innovations in virtual reality with the power and importance of traditional storytelling “.

samsung bedtime stories vr

We want to make it perfectly clear that Samsung isn’t trying to flog us an app that can alleviate you of your story telling duty, so you can stay downstairs, have another glass of wine and watch another re-run of Downton Abbey (shame on you). Instead this app is geared towards parents who cant physically be there through work commitments etc.

The app is designed to work with the Samsung Gear VR headsets and is currently being tested with families across the UK. “Parents will be able to tell their children a bedtime story like no other with both parent and child transported to far flung worlds and galaxies, interacting with dinosaurs, arctic animals and robots”.

“However far apart they are, parents will be able to share that all-important bedtime story with their child, using VR technology to connect them in the same virtual world. The child will even hear their parent reciting the story and be able to interact with their parent as though they are in the same room.”

Samsung have released a 360 video of one of the stories in action for people to get an idea of the content that will be available and how the experience will play out.

Whilst this is a nice sentiment, it will require parents to invest in (and carry around) a Samsung Gear VR headset – don’t forget you’ll need a samsung galaxy smart phone to power that too. It will also require their children to have access to a smartphone and a google cardboard device. There has been debates around whether children of a young age should be using VR and Samsung claim that their gear headset is not meant for children under 13. However, Google cardboard or cardboard ready alternatives, have no age recommendations or restrictions.

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