We’ve all heard the tragic story of Anne Frank and how evading the holocaust kept her hiding in a secret Annex in Amsterdam for two years. A new film, simply titled Anne, will use cutting edge virtual reality to help viewers really resonate with her experiences and places viewers in the same environment that she experienced.

I’m sure you’re aware Anne’s story has been told through numerous mediums already and there are countless films and books about her tale including Anne’s own famous diary, so why do we need another one? Producer Jonathan Hirsch, the producer of Anne, believes that by incorporating this new technology into the narrative the story “can live on and reach as many young people in the world as possible”.

Hirsch, who has previous VR credits to his name with his Wright brothers inspired film First, will be working alongside Danny Abrahams on this project. Both are keen advocates of virtual reality and the power it can have in storytelling. Abrahams believes that the technology has the ability to “immerse oneself in a place and time, to move about a room, among the people, and sense the moment in a way never possible before. VR to me is this new, amazing tool that can allow viewers to connect with people and events like never before. I wanted to create a VR experience that connected viewers with arguably the most significant event in human history – the second world war and the Holocaust – and I couldn’t think of a better way to explore this subject matter than through the story of Anne Frank.”

Last year the Anne Frank foundation actually used VR technology to create a 360 video tour of the annex where Anne hid with her family and wrote her diaries. This 360 tour lasted a full 10 minutes but was only on display at the Anne Frank museum for users who were unable to access the annex due to mobility issues. Now that virtual reality technology is becoming more accessible, experiences like this can be brought to anyone no matter where they are in the world. Stories can become more immersive than they ever have been and more people will be able to empathise with experiences like these.Anne frank virtual reality To keep up to date with all things VR, follow us at VRandstuff