Samsung announced the Gear 360 this year at the MWC in Barcelona. For those of you who haven’t encountered it before, the Gear 360 is Samsung’s answer to personal and portable 360° video recording, and we think it has huge potential.

The device is a dual fish eye lens camera, enabling users to capture high resolution 360° videos and 30 megapixels photos. The camera will work hand in hand with your Samsung galaxy smart phone and Samsung Gear VR.

Gear 360

360° videos might seem like a novelty to some, if you haven’t considered the possibilities of its output. It will become a great tool for businesses trying to entice potential customers to a new restaurant, bar or even a club. A full 360° view of your surroundings will tell much more of a story than a conventional 2D picture.

It is also likely to become the general trend in watching extreme sports videos. GoPro has dominated market share when it comes to sports cameras, but this could all change very soon. The Gear 360 comes with a dust and splash resistant lens which makes it perfect for this application. We’ve all spent countless hours watching some dare-devil race down a mountain at top speeds, but imagine being able to pan every angle completely immersed in the experience. Well luckily, you don’t have to imagine anymore because Samsung have provided us with exactly that using a Gear VR and its magnificent:

If that wasn’t enough to make you want to get your hands on this brilliant little camera, then maybe the fact that Facebook have been optimising their social network to make it the best platform for 360-degree videos will convince you. If you want to keep up to date with social trends then this definitely the device for you.

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