’10 cupcakes’ is a brand new virtual reality title that has a story line like no other game we’ve ever seen or played before. The games questionable twist on a classic concept can be seen as either a good or bad thing, ultimately depending on how lonely you are.

The overall aim of the game is to stop an alien invasion – sounds pretty normal so far right? Well, here’s where things take a slightly different path. You’re armed with a weapon that doesn’t actually harm the aliens but instead makes their clothes disappear (all except their shiny alien bikinis). Once the clothing has been removed you have to chase them and kiss them whilst avoiding other hostile enemies.

Now amongst all of this clothes removing and kiss chase madness there is actually another task at hand, which involves you collecting 10 cupcakes – hence the title. Once all 10 cupcakes have been collected then every enemies clothing on that level will disappear along with extra additional surprises. Collecting all 10 cupcakes is how you win the game. Sounds interesting right?

So I’m sure you’ve been wondering what genre this game actually falls under? It can’t be a first person shooter as your weapon doesn’t actually harm your intergalactic alien enemies. Well… the developers like to think of this as a “first person kisser”.¬†Yes, you read that correctly, and yes, they have managed to make this game even more ridiculous then we first thought.

Whilst the game has been developed to be played on a virtual reality headset (though luckily it can be played without too), Oculus and Facebook have dubbed it “too pornographic” for the rift headset, stating that it goes against their content guideline. It’s a heart braking turn of events for any one that was looking to chase bikini clad aliens and collect cupcakes – so basically no one. The frame rate is also terrible so graphically you won’t be missing out on much – we would recommend playing the 2D version if you have to play it at all.

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