Actiongram is the latest title to be announced for Microsoft’s highly anticipated mixed reality HMD.

User’s of Actiongram will be able to create highly shareable video content that really makes the most of the devices augmented reality focus point. As the name suggests, the title could become the MR/AR equivalent of Instagram, where users create fun and visually appealing content. The obvious difference being that Actiongram, will enable users to add Hologram characters into their videos that they can interact with in a real world environment. The current lists of characters available includes: Dinosaurs, Sportsmen, Animals, Spacemen and Planets to name but a few.

Each ‘hologram’ can be edited using a series of hand gestures in order to move, scale or rotate them. Once you’re happy with how they behave in your physical world, users can record and share their content.

We’re very excited about the possibilities of apps like this. However, as we said in our last Hololens article, AR technology is still very much in the development stage and it’s still very unclear of when we can see a release for the consumer market.

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