Alton Towers theme park in staffordshire is set to launch a new ride, called Galactica, that uses a virtual reality headset to create an out-of-this-world experience (excuse the pun).

The attraction will see thrill seekers put on a VR headset (in the shape of a custom Samsung Gear VR) to transform the views of staffordshire into a space station which has stargate-esque portals to transport you to alien planets.

In a ground breaking move set to revolutionise the world of theme parks, Alton Towers Resort announces today it is launching a rollercoaster entirely dedicated to virtual reality, a sensational world first.

What the ride lacks in length (weighing in at a mere 189 seconds) it definitely makes up in visuals. If you’ve had the pleasure of playing gun jack on the Samsung Gear VR, then you know how well an interglacial space trip translates to a virtual reality headset. Well imagine that with the added experience of being thrown around a roller coaster at the same time. The content being streamed to your headset matches up with each twist and turn of the ride, making this a bit more immersive than playing gun-jack from your sofa.

Whilst we’ve seen rides in America that incorporate bits of virtual reality into the experience, there hasn’t been a single ride that has been conceived with VR in mind before. The beauty of this concept being that thrill seekers don’t have to worry about being on the front row as each passenger gets exactly the same view!

Gallactica opens to the public on 24th March at Alton Towers.

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