With the release of the PlayStation VR set for October 2016, we’re still a little while away from it hitting the shelves. It’s main competitors are already available to buy (even if they might take a couple of months to be delivered). Due to it’s late arrival, the PlayStation VR seems to be shrouded with a slight air of mystery. At VRandstuff we’re constantly seeing people asking questions regarding the devices capabilities and what is required for the set up, so we thought we’d compile a guide to give you all the info in one place.

No Camera, No Playstation VR

Yes thats right, the PlayStation VR headset does not work with out the playstation camera. Despite it being a mandatory component for the device to work, it won’t necessarily be sold with the headset. Whilst you can purchase a bundle pack, the devices can also all be bought separately.

PlayStation Vr Camera

PlayStation VR is the cheapest high-end Virtual Reality Headset

You’ll be able to pick up the PlayStation VR headset for £349.99, however this is solely for the headset. If you’re looking to pick up a bundle pack then it can cost around £415.

PLaystation VR bundle PSVR

More developers support PlayStation VR than any other virtual reality headset

Sony seems to be doing pretty well at recruiting some of the best developers to create games and content for the PSVR. So far they have around 230 studios on board. Sony definitely have the most pulling power for what we would consider the AAA releases, even boasting a new VR Star Wars: Battlefront. This was one of the most hyped (and exclusive) releases for the PlayStation last year, and we can’t wait to check  out a virtual reality version. You can have a closer look at some these fantastic titles here.

60 FPS is the minimum frame rate that any games will run at

This is in order to combat any nausea that can be experienced in a 360 VR environment. Sony have specified that all developers must adhere to these standards, and you will not see any content on the device that has a lower frame rate.

HTC Vive isn’t the only device that supports Room Scale

This is the functionality that lets you walk around in virtual reality by actually walking in real life. Sounds pretty cool, right? The PlayStation VR adds this functionality in a different way from it’s competitors by using the PS camera to track movement instead of a series of sensors. We have a longer article on how this works here

Playstation VR room scale

There will be at least 50 titles ready in 2016

We should see an absolute minimum of 50 games that are PSVR ready between october and the end of the year. There’s lots of exciting titles coming and you can check the full list here.

The headset will support all PS4 games

PlayStation VR lets you play all PS4 games (even if they’re not PSVR ready) via a virtual screen. If you’ve used Netflix on the Samsung Gear VR then you’ll have experienced something similar to this. This could make pre-existing games even more immersive as it still tracks you’re head movements as you look around (although it wont be in 360).

It might be the most social console

The concept of virtual reality might seem like a very un-sociable one for anyone that’s in the same room as you. If you want to get your friends over to show them your new device then it might be a bit of a bore to have them sit there and watch you play. However, Playstation VR supports social screen and asymmetric second screen game play which means that you can play multiplayer modes with people who aren’t wearing headsets.

Playstation Vr virtual screen

PSVR’s external processing unit supports 3d sound

As if a visual virtual reality experience wasn’t enough already, the PlayStation VR headset will support 3D audio. This type of audio is not only direction but will also simulate the elevation of sound (from floor to ceiling). This should help to make the whole experience more convincing as sound and visuals will seem to appear from the same direction, like they would in every day life.

Extremely High Comfort Level

Out of every VR headset we’ve tried so far, PlayStation VR is definitely the comfiest and easiest to put on and focus. This could be due to Sony’s many decades of experience in making high end electronics. We discuss this advantage further in this article

Move Wands

Whilst these aren’t an essential, we do recommend them to get the most out of your experience. Not every game will be designed to be played with move wands but the ones that are, are a lot more fun when you don’t use the standard dual shock controller.

Move Wands PS4 PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR is not a PS4 add on

This topic has that been up for debate several times with Sony, however they are persistent in their ideology that this is much more than an add on for the PS4. Despite using the PS4 to power the HMD (head mounted display), it is being treated as an entirely new platform.

PlayRoom will be getting a VR upgrade

 If you already own a PS4 then you will be familiar with PlayRoom as it comes bundled with every console. There will be a new virtual reality version of the software which will once again be free for every user and bundled with the headset.

PlayStation 4.5 / 4K will release in conjunction with PSVR

Whilst this is currently just a rumour, we think it is very likely to happen. If you look at all of Sony’s previous console releases, an upgrade always comes 2 years after the initial release. This new upgrade is set to support 4k video playback and will apparently be more powerful. If you wan’t to know more about the “ps4.5” then we have written an article about it here.

Playstation 4.5 4k

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