Amongst the recent hype of certain virtual reality headset launches, Samsung Gear VR may have started to feel like the poor, un-wanted cousin of it’s competitors. Whilst this statement may contain a certain amount of truth, the Gear VR is still a great introductory point for anyone interest in virtual reality. The good news for those interested in the Gear VR is that the new superior headsets haven’t made it obsolete and Samsung have actually expanded the headset’s capabilities by adopting a new function which is set to become the standard for web browsing in VR, called WebVR.

WebVR is technically a set of Javascript API which has been created in order to try and standardise web browser access in virtual reality. Mozilla have been a huge advocate of this, and it has been adopted by Firefox and Chromium so far (all be it experimentally). However, the experimental nature of WebVr is now set to change with Samsung implementing it for Gear Vr.

Whilst this may only sound like a small addition to the headset it actually opens up the Gear Vr, to potentially unlocking a lot more VR ready content. Gear VR could previously only view VR content that was provided by the Oculus store. However with the addition of webVr, GearVr users will have access to any VR content that can have the capability to to work using the Javascript API.

Whilst this is an exciting notion, we need to bare in mind that the technology is still in its early days. There, like any new tech, will definitely be some teething issues and ultimately will require more development time fore everything to work in the correct way.

If you want to try it out for yourself then head over to the Oculus Store and install or update the Samsung Internet app.

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