With the amount of money being invested into smart wearable tech, especially glasses, it was only natural that a device would be made that could actually help the visually impaired. Many sufferers of degrading eye-sight can struggle to live their lives in a normal way, and normal day to day tasks can become increasingly difficult.

NuEyes and Osterhout Design Group (ODG) have created a solution to this problem through their development of these voice activated smart-glasses called the ODG R-7. The aim being to help restore the eye-sight to millions of people that are currently finding it fading away. This tricky task is performed using augmented reality in order to help  battle the problem. The glasses feature an adjustable HD magnification camera that is controlled by voice commands and delivers stereoscopic 3D images in full HD through a pair of 720p lenses.

These smart-glasses aren’t just capable of magnifying your surroundings but can also be used to view emails and browse the web via wifi. They run a custom operating system called ‘ReticleOS’ and also contain a host of on board buttons and a trackpad for more control. On top of all this there is even 64GB of storage.

Whilst the tech features in these smart glasses may not be ground breaking in comparison to that of Microsoft Hololens or Magicleap, they could help to improve the quality of life for such a huge amount of people worldwide.

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