Last week GoPro unveiled the Omni, which is their new, smaller, virtual reality camera rig. The Omni is simple but effective in it’s design. It is essentially a cube shaped contraption that holds 6 Go Pro Hero 4’s to capture footage from each angle. The footage has to be stitched together in order to create a 360° VR video.

Whist we usually associate GoPro’s with good quality for an even better price, their 360 rig might not follow exactly the same sentiment. The cost of the rig itself is unknown but you’re going to have to spend at least £1590 on the 6 cameras. The price is likely to be closer to the £2000 mark when you include the rig itself.

As we’ve already seen GoPro’s professional VR rig, entitled the Odyssey and costing £10,500, then we think its fair to assume that the Omni is aimed at the general consumer market. But whilst the Omni might more affordable than its big brother, it’s not exactly the cheapest 360 solution out there. Devices like the Panono only cost £1,200 and are self stitching through their app. The Go Pro rig will most certainly requires a more complex and labour intensive method to stitch together the footage from all six cameras.

However there is something to be said for brand loyalty and reliability. GoPro have been a dominant force in high quality sports cameras for the last few years. With the launch of their 360 rig, we might start to see a surge in the creation of 360° videos. A lot of solutions that are currently available in a similar price range lack in quality but this could all change with GoPro now making it easier for the hobbyist to create their own hight quality 360 content.

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