In a recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Robert De Niro discussed his encounter with VR which has been described as harrowing, but bizarrely for the right reason.

De Niro tested out “6×9: An Immersive Experience of Solitary Confinement” at the Tribecca Film Festival. The film was created by Francesca Panetta, with the idea of “showing you how horrible” solitary confinement can be. The film has been described on the festivals website as follows:

“The issue of solitary confinement is currently gaining exposure across the country, with a recent New York Times article laying out some of the most notable examples of art depicting the effects of U.S. prison conditions. The Guardian has been critical of the topic in its written pieces, but 6×9 enables users to relate to the prisoners’ experiences in a more intimate and direct way. Pulling from seven original interviews conducted by Panetta and Poulton,6×9‘s audio component offers the real voices of those who have been incarcerated in solitary confinement; it also immerses viewers in the true sounds of prison spaces, taken from footage shot by PBS for its Frontline documentary Solitary Nation, which Panetta considers ‘extraordinary.’”

The experience seems to have resonated with Bobby and the endorsement is a testament to just how real VR can make these simulations feel.

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